Baby Arizona - Pregnant in Arizona
Baby Arizona
To make an appointment call: Pregnancy and Breast Feeding Hotline at 1(800) 833-4642
Monday through Friday, 8:00 am - 5:00 pm

Services Provided:
  • Prenatal financial assistance
  • Connect with doctors, clinics, and community health centers
  • Once a women goes to the Baby Arizona provider she chooses, they will help her apply for AHCCCS health insurance and pre-enroll her in a health plan
  • Women begin prenatal care at no cost while their eligibility is processed
Who should apply for AHCCCS THROUGH Baby Arizona?
Pregnant women who live in Arizona, have little or no income and are United States citizens or qualified non-citizens.

Additional information:
You may also be eligible to receive health care from a doctor who participates in the Baby Arizona application process before your application is approved.
If a woman is ineligible for AHCCCS once her application is processed, the Baby Arizona doctor who began her prenatal care should work out a reasonable payment plan with the women and continue care.
Guaranteed Spanish interpretation? Yes.
Require documentation of U.S. citizenship? No, but must be a "qualified immigrant" (emergency services may be available for all women). 

In their words: 
"Baby Arizona is a program to help pregnant women begin the important prenatal care they need while waiting for the AHCCCS eligibility process."
Deborah Monroe
7/24/2015 15:01:16

Tried all morning to call Baby Arizona for information for one answers Always a darn recording that you can never leave a message on!! My granddaughter needs ASSISTANCE! And you people are not assisting!

MaryKay D'Avello
3/5/2016 04:38:04

How is someone supposed to get help when there is no answer?! My daughter-in-law is a US citizen, and her newley acquired insurance does not cover her pregnancy! I work in the health care field and see first-hand how this system is abused not only by citizens, but free care to illegal aliens! Absurd!


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